Ariel Gaeta

Director Of Technology, Batesville Services


Musketeers Tech Inc. catalyzed an unparalleled transformation for our MIS and MIS Pro. Their innovative approach, combining NestJS, NextJS, and AWS, elevated our web applications into realms of unprecedented efficiency and aesthetics. Every Figma prototype reflected a synergy of technology and innovation, making the complex artistry of Material UI 5 an integral part of our architecture. Their foresight in proposing AI integrations underscores their role not just as developers, but as visionary partners.



Harinder Garcha

CEO, Skyros Logistics LLC


CertifyEase, engineered by Musketeers Tech Inc., is a game-changer in managing FMCSA registration letters. Automation and precision are at its core, turning a complex process into a streamlined, user-friendly experience. Every feature, from daily automated fetches to instant, secure access, is meticulously crafted. The platform not only epitomizes efficiency but is a testament to Musketeers' innovation and dedication to transforming challenges into seamless solutions.



Kristin Zellner

Senior Product Manager, StoneMor Inc


Muzammil and the Musketeers Tech team did a fantastic job in designing and building a new application for our team. They were flexible in building out the application in our AWS environment and adapted swiftly when requirements changed, and they were very attentive to details on every front-end design update request. Even with 40+ team members, Muzammil prioritized joining our client calls with the Musketeers Project Manager to oversee the project and ensure smooth operations. I absolutely recommend Muzammil and Musketeers Tech to any company looking for a strong, reliable and delivery-focused technology partner.



Paul Buonopane

Co-Founder, Stickball


Musketeers Tech Inc. expertly transformed our vision into a cutting-edge financial education LMS. With their adept use of modern disruptive technologies, every aspect of the platform is tailored to facilitate seamless learning and engagement. Their commitment to innovation and quality has empowered Stickball to offer an unparalleled educational experience, blending intuitive design with robust functionality. A partner in true essence, Musketeers has elevated our ability to educate and inspire.



Sahal Laher

Chief Information/Digital Officer, StoneMor Inc


Musketeers Tech, under Muzammil’s adept leadership, demonstrated exemplary skill and flexibility in crafting a bespoke application tailored to our specific needs. Their adaptability to evolving requirements and meticulous attention to detail in front-end design are commendable. Muzammil’s hands-on approach, even amidst managing a sizable team, ensured personalized attention and operational fluidity. Our experience with Musketeers Tech affirms their reputation as a reliable, delivery-focused technology ally. I echo my colleague’s endorsement wholeheartedly.



Seavey Bowdin

Co-Founder and COO Healthimation Inc


Working with Musketeers Tech Inc. has been an invigorating journey. They crafted immersive VR and OpenGL experiences, each meticulously designed, offering our audience rich, interactive learning landscapes. From the bustling world of finance to the intricate realms of healthcare, their innovation made complex ecosystems accessible and engaging. Every virtual experience is a testament to Musketeers’ creativity, technical prowess, and their unwavering commitment to excellence.

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